Kriya Komunika at a Glance

Communications is the key to successful relationship of any kind. As it plays a vitalrole in our daily life, communications, in a broader context, is something we needto learn or even excel for a variety of purposes. Its very relevance to every aspectof our lives is why Kriya Komunika exists in the first place. Officially establishedin 2008, our venture in communications has actually started before with offeringof copywriting services from one client to another until we grow into one-stop solution communications agency like we are today, serving and producing a range of communications products that we hope can deliver added value to our clients and strike a chord with many.


Our product offerings consist of various corporate materials, from company profile, annual report, magazine, calendar, season’s greetings, to logo designs – all crafted into artworks to strengthen definite edge of our clients. While we mainly focus on serving corporate needs, our assistance spans over communities through various services – copywriting, translation, design, photography, and branding services.


Of course our exciting journey still continues. Armed with a wealth of experience in the creative industry and dedicated professionals in the house, we are ready to serve you!

A Glimpse Into Our Office